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Automatic unburned brick making machine cost savings

Author : RuiGuang    Time : 2013-11-04    Click :

In the process of buying unburned brick making machine,the buyer should think over the elements of the machine:wheather the brick making machine use steel plate, gear, etc.Buyers should make on-the- spot investigation to know various price of different cement brick making machine.To ensure purchase the superior functions of cement brick machine,reduce the investment risk .

According to the factory production experience of China cement brick machine,the same production planning factory,with several small type brick making machine is often not as good as a set of large-scale automatic cement brick machine production line.The degree of automation of small type brick making machine is not high,is the use of semi-automatic and manual mode of operation,the operator often takes several months to completely familiar with hydraulic brick making machine operation, ,the operation time can not be controlled,these issues will greatly affect the output and quality of cement brick products. So invest in small hydraulic brick making machine the investor will not make profit in several months, even in the artificial wages also a slight loss.

But the investment of automatic cement brick making machine production line is different, the hydraulic press equipment after installation can be fully put into operation,staff only need to control the ratio of raw materials, staff just to keep up with hydraulic machine production rhythm, in terms of hydraulic equipment production due to hydraulic machine is full automatic production,so it will be more convenient,as long as the cement brick machine feeding and brick can keep up, new operator and experienced operator to operate there is little difference. Cement brick machine once been installed, immediately put into production. And automatic cement brick machine equipment need less labour to operate,when the employee wages higher, which saves you the cost. Therefore, investment in unburned brick making machine production line equipment or select automatic more affordable.