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How to exert maximum value of unburned brick making machine?

Author : RuiGuang    Time : 2013-11-04    Click :

HenanRuiguang Mechanical Science& Technology Co,Ltd has been in brick making machine manufacturing filed for more than 10 years, customers throughout the country, through the production sites visit,some of the brick making machine did not play the maximum value,the production efficiency is not high, HenanRuiguang engineer now gives below suggestions in order to obtain the greatest usage of the machine and get more benifits.

The following seven key steps decide the brick production, please conscientiously implement,if you encounter a problem, please contact us promptly, perfect after sale service will help you to solve all the problems.

1.Brick initial state,ensure the pressure head rose to the highest point,the mold frame fell to the lowest level,on the shaking table has been placed on the supporting plate, the mold frame plane,hopper under the plane adjustment in a horizontal plane, back to the last.

2.How to add the bottom material:the bottom feeding hopper,a feeding hopper valve, the hopper to the mold frame,open at the same time, stirring stirring switch. Press the vibration switch button,vibration,usually 1.5-3 seconds,vibration hopper can make the 1-2 back and forth,vibration hopper back bottom end, pay attention to material layer should be smooth.

3. The correct fabric steps: until the bottom hopper back to start position, the head of the handle the unloading position will head down, and then return to the highest point, the bucket handle, make the fabric bucket do a back and forth.

4. Pressure vibration molding, the head of the handle the unloading position will be pressing, molding button, start molding vibration, according to charging much, wet and dry material to adjust, general vibration control at time 3 - 5 seconds, the vibration of the last 0.5 seconds, the unloading handle back under pressure position, the implementation of pressure vibration.

5. Release stage: to be formed after the end of the vibration, pressure head handle pulled in the direction of the valve handle, frame, the frame to the appropriate height (than brick high 1 - 5mm), and then the head of the handle to the up position, the mold frame and the pressure head at the same time, rose to a height of brick.

6. when the process finished,with hook plate holes,the splint and molded brick pulled to the car, sent to the yard,with both hands gently moved down the brick.Code block, the surface should be sprinkled with a layer of fine sand, prevent stick, such as hollow building block should support plate maintenance.

7. Put the plate is also important: when the support plate with adobe is pulled out, the central clean empty pallets sent back from the car off to the shaking table, the die frame is dropped to the lowest point in the next cycle.