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Professional analysis of brick machine maintenance

Author : RuiGuang    Time : 2013-11-04    Click :

Many users do not pay attention to routine maintenance during the machine operation,so the machine service life and efficiency might have a bad influence, In order to make our customers more convenient in maintenance time,I have summed up very many skills of maintenance for  brick machine it will be good protection of the machine and can also save your time.

Brick machine maintenance skills analysis:
1.when you do not want to do the pre-check on the brick making machine before you use it,you can make it 2-5 minutes idling,no exceptions and then feed raw material to production,or find out which part has question on the timely trouble shooting downtime,prevent production failure affected.

2. The newly installed equipment,one week later,we must once for all oil filtration and cleaning the tank, and then based on the work load of the machine case,3-6 months to replace a fluid, cleaning once a tank that is available.

3. The device in production,be sure to stop processing and heating equipment if the system also must keep the tank lid open,be sure stop the machine work to further check processing.

4. The device produced,they must be adjusted on the control unit,and each connected component carry out inspection,it can be professional production after commissioning.

5. Brick machine is all metal parts,so be sure to pay attention to the preservation,avoid open,do waterproof,sunscreen and anti freezing measures to protect the equipment,ensure the equipment production.