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How to select supplier for small capacity AAC plant?

Author : RuiGuang    Time : 2014-01-16    Click :
These days i received a lot of inquiries from India and other countries which customer want set up their AAC block plant and these plants are normally small capacity AAC plants  which has a capacity from 50m3-100m3/day.These small plants need small investment and also stable and low-risk.
 So it is very important to select a trust-worthy supplier,here below is the suggestion to choose vendor of small AAC block plant:
1.Make sure that you are dealing with the supplier but not any broker or trading company.
2.Try to visit the constructed plants by the supplier in or out his country and talk with them for running situations .
3.Visit the suppliers's factory to get an idea of the workmanship make sure that your equipment quality and construction can be guaranteed.
4.Make sure the suppliers' after sale service so that you can get enough support in your country.
5.Compare the technology and automation level between the suppliers.
6.Make sure that your plant has the ability for capacity expansion once you have the demand to improve the capacity.
7.Enough support from you supplier for the product and equipment know-how ,skill training,cost control and etc.
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