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Brick block machine
Concrete block machine/mixer

Brick block machine

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Brick block machine
Automatic concret block machine.

Automatic concrete block machine is a equipment which use slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement, etc as main raw materials, through high pressure hydraulic system to suppress the block or brick building materials .
1, the electric control system adopts PLC programmable controller equipment data output device, control system including security logic control and fault diagnosis system.
2, imported computer appliances seals, hydraulic components with high dynamic performance proportional valve, in order to precisely control the key part of the action.
3, the machine with high precision, high strength castings and special welding technology and materials manufacturing, good rigidity, vibration resistance, long service life.
4, the machine adopts the four guide way, ensure the accuracy of the pressure head and die movement.
5, the machine USES Taiwan mold vibration of hydraulic pressure forming, with round guide feeding device, the molding cycle is short, high efficiency, high quality solid strength of block, size accurate.
6, by using the combined technology of machine, electricity, liquid integration, make the equipment operation each cycle is consistent, thus forming products high stability, low rejection rate.
7, multi-usage, by changing the mold to produce various specifications of porous brick, hollow block, kerbstone, pavement brick and tree planting grass brick, slope protection brick and other cement products.
8, with fabric device to produce color pavement brick, etc.