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Automatic stacker crane
Brick block machine

Automatic stacker crane

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Automatic stacker crane

This machine can be connected directly in front of automatic brick machine to replace artificial lift plate, the machine with the rest of the stacker crane is different, the machine is only a pile of COINS, after pile of a crib, crib automatic line walk backwards one position, the position of the front and then automatically piles buttress, such board short walking distance, less time, stack of crib fast, suitable for all kinds of automatic brick machine, automatic brick machine since the rate would not be affected.

Product features


1, automatic pack machine adopts mechanical design, operation and maintenance is simple, no need operation,computer automatically.

2, The entire block machine production line with stacker can reduce employee 2 to 3 people, reduce labor and increase work efficiency. While reducing the damage of the finished block, improve the yield.

3, The independent electronic control system to facilitate the matching of different manufacturers and models of all kinds of molding machine.

4. Another economical and practical Easy pack machine