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Brick block machine


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A blender

Mixer is my company on the basis of the similar products complement each other, improve and become. Mixer is the production of baking-free brick premixed material necessary equipment. Large capacity of mixer, adopted four shovel type structure, the mixing effect is good.

The utility model mixer belongs to the mixture of lime-sand brick production equipment, mainly solve the dual-axis mixer water added is not easy to control, mixing power is small, easy to knot the unity of material storehouse, the machine includes the planet stirrer, eddy mixing mechanism, mixing drum and discharging mechanism, stirring rack and chassis parts, such as the center of the drum set with vortex mixer, on the vortex mixer on both sides of the frame,Symmetrical arrangement of two planetary mixer, two planetary mixer relative rotation, vortex mixer and the mixing drum reverse rotation, the machine mixing strength, solve the problem of taking unity storehouse, etc.