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Cutting machine
Clay brick machine

Cutting machine

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Fully automatic cutting cutter, high strength, large thrust, a large number of used in coal gangue, shale, hard plastic, half-hard plastic extrusion. The auspicious light automatic cutting cutter is suitable for all kinds of material of hard and soft plastic clay mud, high sediment content such as inferior soil oil-saving effect is prominent. Article through mud should be declared in advance, using encryption roller table.

Automatic cutting cutter product introduction:
1. The automatic cutting cutter automatic vertical cutting machine, overcome the NiTou, electricity production, 7-15%, save work 1-2, reduce wear and tear of countless.
2. The automatic cutting cutter automatic cutting cutting system, and form a complete set of automatic production line, realize unmanned operation.
3. The automatic cutting super-large cutter cutter, intellectual control partial never inclined, fuel-efficient 70-100%, stainless steel have a haircut, mesa wear-resisting, clay-strip automatic accurate.

Automatic cutting cutter wide adaptation, high cutting precision. Suitable for clay, shale, gangue, fly ash RuanSu, half hard plastic clay materials, hard plastic extruding. 50 type and part of the type of 60 hard shape host machine accessory selection. A mud unfit for use. The infinite length is adjustable, convenient adjustment. In the automatic system fault, but by manual operation, do not affect production.