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200-3Blind-hole brick machine
Blind-hole brick machine

200-3Blind-hole brick machine

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200-3Blind-hole brick machine

     This company produces the vertical blind hole brick machine is in order to adapt to the market and the needs of users, the machine power is small, high pressure, function, high output, dynamic host configuration22kw, pressure00t Production capacity per shift1.6。Ten thousand standard brick.Can be installed to use250mmWithin the scope of a variety of mold, the production of porous, tubular, standard sintered brick, concrete block and autoclaved brick a variety of specifications of the brick wall.
    200-2 type vertical blind hole brick machine is advanced in designing, well-made, according to the transfer mechanism of continuous work, take the two feeding, stamping, automatic mould brick machine operation process technology, mix the materials evenly and sufficient feed, exhaust, stamping and can effectively solve the problem such as brick layers, sticky die, die, improve the density of bricky system, to ensure product quality.
    Suitable raw materials widely.Can suppress sintered brick clay shale, fly ash, coal gangue,;Can use calcium carbide slag, fly ash, sand, stone powder, a variety of industrial waste residue, suppress autoclaved bricks;Can use sand, fly ash, stone powder, industrial waste residue, cement block.
     With reasonable structure, convenient operation, complete function, economy applicable, it is the ideal and reliable new brick equipment at home and abroad.For continuous innovation, and seek common development, we sincerely welcome new and old friends to visit guidance, negotiate cooperation, create beautiful prospects of building materials equipment and building materials industry.
    The company to“Advanced applicable, economic and convenient”Is the manufacture idea, set with decades of experience, adopt the domestic advanced technology, design and manufacture of energy-saving multi-function brick molding machine, on the basis of solicit opinions from the building materials manufacturer for many times, after repeated improvement and finally successfully trial-produced, several indexes reached the standard, has been declared national patent, start mass production.




The host power


The molding pressure


Every time blocks


Product specification (mm

240×240×90 240×190×90

240×115×90 240×115×53

The depth of the feed


Equipment weight